Love Letters to Bigotry

2 min readOct 17, 2021

Racism is hidden in ‘patriotic’ clothing

This week, in the aftermath of the tragic and senseless murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess, upon the announcement that the perpetrator was a Somalian-born British national by the name Ali Harbi Ali, the online racists came out in full force.

A common statement made by the racists was “If a dog is born in a barn it doesn’t make it a horse. Just because you were born in Britain doesn’t mean you belong here.” But my favorite response to that was on Twitter where a Pakistani British stand-up comedian by the name of Tez Ilyas responded “But a brown horse, born in a stable full of white horses, is still a f****n horse you stupid c**t.” Masterclass!

What all this has taught me is that racists will exploit any tragedy to further their own agenda. They pretend to be motivated by patriotism but really just want to see Britain remain a ‘white’ country because a change in the dominance of the caucasian race in the UK would mean their all-powerful racism would no longer become a part of British society or governance. They are power mad!

Another thing that I have caught on to is the sheer hypocrisy. When a white man commits an atrocity he is “mentally ill” or “angry at society.” But when a non-white man commits an atrocity he is “a danger to society” along with everyone else of his race. It seems that racists pick and choose who poses a threat and who does not, no? You’re excused because you are white, but that black man right there did the same thing and so he should be executed.

What kind of thinking is that? It’s not rational, it’s not justified, it’s not beneficial, it’s just pointless and divisive. The bigots who claim to be patriotic are actually helping to divide and destroy our country even more through propagating an us vs them mentality that has plagued society for so long.

So please, if your ‘patriotism’ consists of discrimination against an individual on the basis of their skin colour or where they were from, then it is not patriotism. In fact, it is an assault on British values.


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